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January 12, 2005

1. To My Fellow Iraqis In These Grievous Days:

Who endured horrendous calamities, like no other people in recent history, at the hands of a brutal megalomaniac.

May we all plant roses of love and pray in the hope they imbibe into their beautiful red colour all the immaculate Iraqi blood the dictator and his disciples shed dementedly and recklessly in every side and corner of the cradle of civilizations, so that they may render greenness over our blessed land, luminousness in our skies and sheer felicity in the innocent eyes of our children.

May we all forgive and forget, reject wrong and embrace right, and march together in one heart towards freedom and democracy, for the inception of a new Iraq, blessed abundantly with peace, love and prosperity - an eventuality no other nation would treasure and cherish as it would, after so many years of merciless subjugation and brutal oppression.

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