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Love is the twin of a beautiful dream that survives birth to reality; but my love was a reality that survived arduous parturition only to remain a beautiful dream

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January 16, 2005

5. A Handsome Knight

Once upon a time
there was a handsome knight
with beautiful hazel eyes.

He left home one day at dawn;
his horse galloped along,
heading for the far off immured land of two immortal rivers,
seeking out a beautiful Babylonian princess
with eyes and hair darker than the Arabian Desert’s starry nights.

He arrived, cloaked in blue
that beamed with fifty stars in bright white,
over a garb
that was striped in red and glowing white.
And while the demon and his disciples drowsed deep in the night,
he nimbly slipped by, and with kid gloves, stole the princess’s heart.

And just as he rode her on top of his white horse
to take her to his faraway land,
a giant sword precipitated out of the blue
and alas,
with one powerful clout
their two amorous hearts were rent apart.


aNarki-13 said...

The real ending to the princess story we were all told as kids.

thank you for your perception.

I will visit from time to time if you accept.

colagirl said...

This is colagirl, who posted on entry forty-one.

Again, I hope you don't mind my posting, but I wanted to comment on this poem. I found the imagery striking, both romantic and poignant, and extremely memorable. You have a real gift. Thanks for sharing.

Liana said...

Thank you Colagirl for the super sweet compliment...


AngloGermanicAmerican said...

As much as I enjoy your writing and sharing, frankly more than I am able to express though colagirl comes capably close, it is the last line of the poem that haunts me as I await every installment. Hope that you have beat back the flu, Liana.

Liana said...

Thanks AGA, your wonderful words never ceased to be a tremendous source of encouragement...


kevin said...


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