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Love is the twin of a beautiful dream that survives birth to reality; but my love was a reality that survived arduous parturition only to remain a beautiful dream

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February 15, 2005

13. Acknowledgement and Clarification From The Publisher

I was away on an overseas business trip from 3 February, and arrived home only last night. Drowned amidst hectic schedule I could, nonetheless, steal a few moments to watch the traffic in Ishtarria. Observing all those wonderful hits from my visitors, particularly from those who made multiple daily visits to my blog, thrilled my heart and wiped out all the exhaustion that I experienced during my trip.

While I was away, and precisely two days ago, Ishtarria turned one month old. My wonderful precious baby is growing fast. And I would like to seize this opportunity to thank profoundly all the visitors and particularly those who left their wonderful comments on the pages of my blog. I'd love to see more comments though, as it would make those much appreciated visits registering on my site meter more palpable and pulsing with greater liveliness.

I would also like to apologize for the delay in posting that occurred during the last week. Now that I am back to my normal daily routine I shall do my utmost to post as regularly as possible.

Finally I have one more confirmation to make:
Ishtarria is a genuine autobiography. It’s the story of my life as I lived it and am still living and cherishing, both in its pain and in its pleasure. I treat it with all the reverence and respect that it deserves. I am quite aware, however, that being a fervent reader does not suffice to make a good writer, and Ishtarria is my first experience with writing, if I may call this humble experience writing at all, and it would, most defintely, be the last. Also, English is my third language. Writing in a language other than my mother tongue confronts me with unusual challenges, and at times it seems an act of insanity to have attempted this task. It is only the profound respect that I bear in my heart and my soul for this precious phase of my life, besides the reasons that I mentioned in my previous posts, which have made me attempt this “insane” venture.