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March 29, 2005

26. I Thank You Profoundly....

The nature of my memoirs and my earnest desire to avoid potential complications dictate that I retain my anonymity. This therefore disallows linkage to any other site, which could possibly lead technically to the unveiling of my personal identity. Although I would have wished to reciprocate the courtesy extended to me by some of the sites that have already linked to mine, I apologetically find myself powerless to do so, for the reasons mentioned above. However, I would like to thank profoundly the following sites:

Ihath, Don’t shoot!.... I have another story to tell you: Elen was not only the first to include Ishtarria in her “link for thought” for nearly two months, she promoted it as well in Iraq blog count site.

My sweet friend from come-getsome, for linking to Ishtarria and for all those sweet emails;
Abdullah, you’ve always been a tremendous source of aid and encouragement.

I wouldn’t by any chance forget Zeyad, the pride and joy of the Iraqi blogspheres for listing Ishtarria in his Healing Iraq, Iraq Blogs Directory. Thanks a million Zeyad, and to you, too, Émigré and the rest of your team for listing Ishtarria in Iraq blog count site.

My thanks go, too, to the beautiful flower of Beth Nahrain, my fellow Chaldean, Nancy; I realized just today that she has added Ishtarria to her list of favourite sites. There was no email contact in your site that I could contact you through Nancy; I would appreciate if you email me through my site.
Finally, I would like to seize this opportunity to give my Special Thanks to Dave Schuler of Dean's world, for including Ishtarria in his sampler of the best posts from Iraqi bloggers, on his 8th and 15th Feb Posts.