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May 04, 2006

- - - A Glimpse of Iraq

It is my great pleasure to introduce to the readers of Ishtarria a marvellous word ambassador, a poet, a historian, and an eloquent fellow Iraqi blogger.

Ibrahim Al-shawi
AKA, Abu Khalil has now published his blog "A Glimpse of Iraq” as a book

Available from

Abu Khalil is a credible voice coming from inside Iraq that touches upon the gruesome events of Iraq and upon the woes that Iraqis have been undergoing for years now.

Erudite, learned and a source of valuable insights and sapient advice, Abu Khalil possesses a veritably honest pen that critically examines the past, and provides a reliable perspective on the present as well as the future of Iraq.

For the past year or so, I have been an avid fan of Abu Khalil’s writings. Surely his blog as well as his book are both a must-read.

Congratulations, Abu Khalil. In such decisively difficult days, it’s people like you that we Iraqis need out there, instead of the bunch of the opportunists whose major concern has been anything but the welfare and goodness of Iraq.

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