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November 08, 2006

Don't Shoot, I HATH another story to tell

She is unruly, willful and recalcitrant. Like an erratic comet, she magnetizes her readers, knavishly and cunningly, into her enchanting course, sending them soaring high in the breadth of the sky, emancipating their curbed minds and hearts, and satiating their wills and desires with the salacious relishes that the shackling politics, religion and society had rigorously tabooed.

Having hooked me to her writings for over two years now, she often made me laugh, and at the same time, cry. And much as she pleased and warmed my heart at times, she enraged me no less at others, such that I would leave, promising never ever to be back, a promise I never kept. I would find myself longing within a short time for the unique flavor of her pen. And on her expected publishing date, I would turn head over heels, only to be incensed again, but this time, at her absence

Who am I talking about? Who else but, Elen Ghulam… The wild horse of the Iraqi Blogsphere, the Iraqi-Canadian Shahrazad, who’s never ceased to mesmerize me by her most fabulous anecdotes

Don’t Shoot, I HATH another story to tell, has recently published her first book, thru Lulu:

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AngloGermanicAmerican said...

"Characterisitcally strange" was what how one Iraqi blogger recently introduced a link to one of Ihath's posts. I laughed out loud when I read that. I laughed for no reason other than I knew exactly what he meant. I knew also that what we found "strange" was decidedly different.

You have done a marvelous job of conveying what is an experience with words, my only complaint being that I, again, needed to consult a dictionary. :)

I have come to view Ihath's absences as blessings, as they release me to accomplish the tasks that I need to accomplish, and to say that I am "hooked" is really an understatement. The problem is not that reading her stories is time consuming, it isn't. The problem is that her stories replay themselves at times of their own choosing, days, weeks, even months following their initial reading. Time consuming? I would say "yes".

So, by all means, buy the book, but only if you have time on your hands. :) I haven't bought it yet, but only because I fear that I have insufficient time for it. I also know that the book won't take "no" for an answer, not ever.